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Training for Federal Agency Customers
The GSA Office of Real Property Utilization and Disposal offers a Utilization and Disposal training course as well as topic specific webinars to assist our Federal Agency customers in better managing their underutilized and unneeded real property assets.
Utilization & Disposal Training Program
This comprehensive 3-day class is an interactive resource for Federal real property professionals. The class content is comprised of core topics, with associated information that real property professionals should know to better utilize and dispose of real property.The core topics are bolstered with examples of real property transactions and interactive exercises.

Course Topics Include:
  • Effectively navigating real property laws, regulations, roles and responsibilities
  • Asset management and repositioning strategies
  • How to report real property excess
  • The real property disposal process, and other transactional options
  • Environmental and historic laws and applications as they relate to the utilization and disposal of Federal real property.
What is the format of the course?
The classroom format encourages open discussions on real property utilization and disposal issues, as well as specific projects. The class topics are routinely updated in response to new laws, regulations, and legislation, and illustrated using examples of real property transactions and transactional exercises. The class can also be presented to individual agencies and tailored to their specific needs and regulations.

Who are the presenters for the class?
Presenters are comprised of experienced GSA managers, realty specialists, and environmental and general counsel professionals, from both headquarters and regional offices.

Classes open to Multiple Agencies

Typically, GSA will schedule at least two classes per year that are open to all agencies. One will be in Washington, DC and one will be offered in one of GSA’s Regional Offices on a rotating basis. The cost for the multi-agency training is $450 per attendee, payable only with a GSA SmartPay Purchase Card. To register for a class complete the following two forms and send them to

Upcoming Multiple Agency Classes

We are pleased to announce the following offerings of our 3-Day Real Property Utilization and Disposal Multi Agency Training Classes, open to all Federal agencies for FY2018.
  • May 1 – 3 in Washington, DC at:
    GSA Headquarters
    Room 1425 – 1st Floor
    1800 F Street, NW
    Washington, DC 20405

    May 22 – 24 in Atlanta, GA at:
    Martin Luther King Jr. Federal Building
    Atlanta Conference Room 1 – 1st Floor
    77 Forsyth Street, SW
    Atlanta, GA 30303

    June 5 - 7 in Portland, OR at:
    Gus Solomon Courthouse
    Conference Room 101 – 1st Floor
    620 SW Main Street
    Portland, OR 97205

Classes Tailored for an Individual Agency

An agency can host the 3-Day class at a location of their choosing. The class can be tailored to meet the agency's needs and include information that pertains particularly to that agency. The agency agrees to cover the actual travel, lodging, and per diem costs of the class presenters at the agency's location of choice. There would be no cost per student charge, as there is in our multi-agency training classes ($450/attendee), thus it may be the more economical option for your agency, dependent on the number of attendees. To schedule the class at a mutually convenient time, contact Gary Jordon on 202-841-6995 or at

Classes Tailored for an Individual Agency
Contact Gary Jordon at 202-841-6995 or
Educational Webinar Opportunities

The impacts on federal real property asset management and disposal evolve with each law that is passed, each regulation put into place, and each Presidential Memorandum or Executive Order that is signed. As federal real estate professionals, it is important to understand how those factors affect your business. The GSA Office of Real Property Utilization and Disposal is available to provide educational webinars on those issues as they arise.

Federal Real Property Profile (FRPP) (July 19, 2018) - Learn how the FRPP inventory system came to be, the requirements for agencies to report, how the data drives strategic real property initiatives, and how it supports transparency of federal data.

Real Property Exchanges (April 12, 2018) – Learn more about how real property exchanges work and the keys to success.

Previous webinar topics have included:
  • GSA Appraisals
  • Reimbursable Work Agreements (RWAs)
  • Real Property Reform
  • NEPA
  • McKinney-Vento
  • National Historic Preservation Act
  • Report of Excess
  • Targeted Asset Reviews
  • Benefits of Using Online Auctions
  • Real Property: Abandonment, Destruction or Donation to Public Bodies
  • How to Report Property Excess
  • Federal Real Property Profile
  • Helping Federal Landholding Agencies Realize True Cost Savings
  • Project Management and Services
GSA will be offering more webinars on topics of interest to our federal landholding agency customers, and is also available to tailor one to your agency's specific needs. Have a topic you want us to cover in an upcoming webinar? Send your suggestions to