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Appraisal Services
The Office of Real Property Utilization and Disposal provides cost effective, timely, and professional appraisal and related services to GSA and to other Federal agencies on a reimbursable basis. Services include appraisals in support of disposals, acquisitions, exchanges, and outgrants (leases, easements, licenses, and permits), reviews of third party appraisal reports, and consultations. Consulting services include feasibility studies, highest and best use analysis, marketability studies, asset and utilization evaluations, property parcelization recommendations, Enhanced Use Leasing (EUL) feasibility and valuation support, and other related real estate services.
Nationwide Professional Network
The Office of Real Property Utilization and Disposal has a nationwide staff of professional review appraisers with experience in preparing technical contract specifications, selecting the most qualified contract appraiser at a reasonable price, and preparing the required Government review of the contract appraisal. Our review appraisers have extensive experience with the high valued, complex, and controversial assignments involving a wide variety of property types.
Timely Delivery
A variety of contracts are in place to provide appraisal and related professional services in the United States and U.S. Territories, including Indefinite Delivery Indefinite Quality (IDIQ) contracts, Blanket Purchase Agreements (BPA), and Financial and Business Solutions (FABS) contracts. With existing contracts, work can begin after placement of a task order. The work process, in accordance with the performance period, is closely monitored. Completion time will vary with project complexity, but we strive to meet the agreed upon delivery time.
Cost Effectiveness
Reimbursable services are charged based on our actual costs. Contracts have been competed on a price and technical quality basis. Our costs and our schedules are very competitive compared to alternative sources.
The GSA Office of Real Property Disposal strives to offer the same high-quality products and services nationwide. Regional variations are minimized by continuous collaboration among the members of the Real Property Utilization and Disposal National Appraisal Team.
GSA contract appraisers are required to adhere to the highest professional standards. Our staff review appraisers achieve professionalism by concluding and approving supportable conclusions of value, based on training, knowledge, experience, and judgment, in accordance with the Uniform Standards of Professional Appraisal Practice (USPAP) and the Uniform Appraisal Standards for Federal Land Acquisitions (UASLFA, aka Yellow Book). In addition, specific supplemental agency appraisal requirements can be considered when preparing appraisals under the agency's authority. Each GSA Real Property Utilization and Disposal region has appraisers that maintain a General State Certification, and many belong to national professional organizations and have achieved professional designations.
Peace of Mind
The selection of well qualified appraisers, monitoring of progress and careful review of the work product ensure that the public will maintain confidence in the fairness of the valuation process and that the Government will achieve fair market value for its disposals, outgrants, and acquisitions.