Available Excess Properties
Photo Document Name/City/County/State Description Date of Notice Realty Specialist Name
Property Area
SF 13327 - MS0578AA.pdf

OHN Outer Marker Map.docx

Federal Screening Memo MS0578AA.pdf

Notice of Availablility - MS0578AA.docx

Vacant 1.15 acre property, all improvements have been removed. 12/7/2017 perry.gibbs@gsa.gov
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Statham fed screen upload.pdf

The property contains approximately 10.496 acres vacant land located on the Northeast side of Partain Road (tower and apparatus have been removed from site). 12/7/2017 eric.stavely@gsa.gov
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Former USARC, 2 buildings on 4.52 acres 11/29/2017 lisa.tangney@gsa.gov
SSG George J. Conaway USARC, Cadiz, OHIO



Former USARC, 2 buildings on 4.52 acres 11/29/2017 lisa.tangney@gsa.gov
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San Angelo-Tom Green-TX
Federal Screening Notice - Tom Flowers LETC.pdf

Currently being used by local law enforcement 11/22/2017 ryan.bruce@gsa.gov
Subject Property
Quincy Federal Screening Package.pdf

The property consists of a 15,589 square foot U.S. Army Reserve Center, and 3,710 square foot Operations/Maintenance Building, and was used for the purpose of training/administration/maintenance for the U.S. Army Reserves. It sits on 5 acres of land. 11/15/2017 richard.balsano@gsa.gov